Rental Parts - Specialty Scenic

8' Frames 19' h x 44' w Black RP Screen 19' h x 180' w White FP Screen
Awards Ramp Boxing Ring Carpet
Columns Flats and Cycs Globe
LED Brackets Olympic Cauldron and Torch Pipe and Drape
Sohji Screens Stars Truss Sets

Rental Parts - Lecterns

46'' Monitor Lectern Grey Felt Lectern Jefferson Lectern
Plexi Lectern Stainless Lectern Truss Lectern
  Backlit Counter

Rental Parts - Steps

Curved Step Units Step Corners Step Groupings
  Step Units  

Rental Parts - Truss Circles

Rental Parts - Desks

Curved Desk Interview Desk News Desk
Sports Desk Triangle Table The View Desk
White Desks   Shallow Triangle

Rental Parts - Turntables

Rental Parts - Traveller Tracks